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In Search of Autumn

In Search of Autumn

Julian, CA in the fall

I woke up this morning to crisp, clear skies and the whoosh of hot-air balloons ascending over my house. Not a bad way to wake up. But stepping outside into the cool air, all I could think of was AUTUMN. Here it was November, and we finally were having a day that felt like fall…and that made me immediately think: Julian.

And so we hopped in the car and went in search of autumn…clear blue skies, crisp air, and the firey colors of reds and golds that can usually only be found in the mountains of Southern California. As we neared Julian, dark clouds threatened and we crossed our fingers that we wouldn’t be rained on. But as we parked on the hill behind the Julian Lodge, the sun came out and so did our smiles. Fresh, warm apple pie, here we come!

Brrrr! We had driven right by autumn and straight into winter. Stepping out of the car (the thermomenter said 43 degrees!), we were shocked by the cold and fierce wind that we had not in any way prepared for. Fortunately, my husband had a sweatshirt and windbreaker in the trunk of his car, and we bundled up and proceeded to freeze our proverbial butts off. Hands pulled up inside sleeves and buffeted by the wind, we marched down the hill and into the warm embrace of Romano’s Italian Restaurant…our strategy to eat lunch first, then stroll the shops, and finally find some apple pie. And that’s just what we did…apple pie with ice cream on top!

What a fun and relaxing (if a bit chilly) day!