Karen GroveWelcome to Splashing in Sunshine. This site is a collection of things that inspire me, things that I have designed and created or that someone else has designed and created that I think is fun, funky, beautiful, touching, or that I just want to share.

Splashing in Sunshine will celebrate the beauty, humor, and passion of the every day…the things that make me happy and inspire me…eye candy for the creative soul…daily chuckles…inspired living…objects and events that elicit smiles and warm feelings. It’s a forum for sharing the positive things in our lives and for giving us a joyful perspective when we need it.

So who am I? I’m a book editor, scrapbooker, designer-in-training, small business creator, work-at-home guru, wine lover, sightseer, foodie, and hockey fan. I’m a wife and mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece…the wearer of multiple hats (as long as they’re fashionable). My favorite quote:

“Don’t tell me I’m burning the candle at both ends, tell me where I can get more wax!”